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When you make the decision to partner with us, all of the following are available to your staff:

Remarkable Service Certification Kits

Each team member that participants in the Remarkable Service Certification training process will receive a training Kit. Each kit consists of 2 workbooks and an audio CD.

Elements of Service Workbook - This class is designed to teach the fundamental concepts of providing remarkable service.

To see a sample of the workbook click here.

Maximizing Sales workbook - The learner discovers the skills needed to maximize the check average and create customer loyalty.

7 Keys to Maximizing Servers Sales Audio CD. This CD reinforces the concepts learned during the Maximizing Sales facilitation training. It includes a few more ideas, action plans and tips that the wait staff can use.
Waiter U

This On-line learning center was built to reinforce the skills learned during the initial training and to teach other key learning's. Includes a forum to share best practices.

To see a live demo of Waiter U, click on the Learn More link below and then click on "Log in as Guest" button. The course you will be able to see is called Mega Tips.


Remarkable Buzz is an email marketing system designed to help restaurants easily and inexpensively communicate with customers and potential customers and keep them coming back.

To see a live demo of Remarkable Buzz click on the Learn more button:

Username: demo
Password: Guest


Menu Master is an on-line software package designed to teach menu knowledge. This software helps owners and chefs to educate and excite the hospitality team to reach new levels of success. Use this tool to teach your staff about price, ingredients, sides, up-sell opportunities and value statements for each menu item!

To see a live demo of Menu Master click on the Learn more button:

Username: demo
Password: Guest


Instructors Guide

Our instructor guides are very comprehensive and include everything needed in order to successfully facilitate each session.

The training is experiential based meaning that there are lots of fun and interactive exercises making for an entertaining learning experience.

To see a sample of the Instructors Guide click here.




Every time an employee interfaces with a customer there is a “key moment” where the guest’s expectations are either met or the customer is disappointed. In a restaurant there are many key moments during the dining experience.


Someone once said: In the restaurant business, there are two or three shows a day and the performances are critiqued by the audience at every meal period.

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