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Would you like to bring a trainer or speaker into your organization. Contact us for details.

On-Site Training

While all of our products come with an instructors guide that lets you conduct the training, you can also choose to have one of our expert trainers deliver the material at your location.

Give us a call to discuss the details!



If you are looking for a speaker to deliver a dynamic and engaging session for your next event or conference give us a call. We can tailor a message specifically for your event.

Whether the topic is Service, Sales, Marketing or Management, we can help make your event a tremendous success.

Give us a call. We'd love to talk with you! 877.741.9390

Leadership Workshops we've delivered for our clients
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Goal Setting is Easy, Goal Getting is Hard

Discover how to Accomplish the HARD Goals
and Get the Results you Deserve!
  • Discover what you want
  • Determine how to get it
  • Remove road blocks
  • Measure progress
  • Celebrate success
Time Management

Discover and Learn the
  • Importance of a System
  • Clear Value of your Time
  • Working your Plan
  • How to say NO to low pay Activitie
Hiring the Best, Engage them Next

Effective Interviewing: Hiring the Best People and Keeping Them. Participants will learn:
  • How to develop and utilize a specific profile of the ideal employee
  • How to identify and neutralize common mistakes in hiring
  • The nine step selection process that guarantees success
  • How to identify the questions to ask and not to ask
  • Build your employer brand

Now that you have hired your newest team members, we will teach you How to Actively Engage and Welcome Them into Your Culture.

Discover how to:

  • Communicate your mission, vision and purpose
  • Lead them on their career path
  • Understand the value of a “Guide Book”
Training Tools That Work

Training your team on a daily basis is necessary today.
We will lead you to discover proven systems that will make your training more effective and grow your team. This highly interactive event will provide you with the resources to communicate your message to your team and make it stick!
  • Play within the adult learning models
  • Plan your training and work your plan
  • Know your outcomes before the session
  • Create measurable training ROI
  • Enhance your bottom line with training
  • Lock in the learning through spaced repetition
Keeping Your Team UP

Unleash new and innovative techniques to keep the energy and spirit UP in your business. You will discover real world solutions to the challenges you are facing today, that you can apply tomorrow.
During this session you will learn how to:

  • Create a TEAM environment
  • Celebrate right behaviors
  • Pre Shift for profitability
  • Connect with 7 communication solutions
  • Take a contrarian approach to the current Market
  • Demonstrate an Attitude of Gratitude
  • 5 a day that will pay and pay
No Excuses Leadership

Participate in this session to prepare your team and your business for the changes ahead. Realize that excuses have a two fold affect, eliminate them!

  • Discover the 5 Disciplines of Change
  • Remove the "Blame Game" from your playbook
  • Create Accountability as a competitive advantage
  • Connection questions that engage your team
  • Determine your Non- Negotiables
  • Join the Accountability movement
Your Passion on Purpose

Jumping out of bed every day and doing what you are called to do, what an honor. It is almost like not working and getting paid to participate. We will lead you to discover that passion you had on day one of your career!

  • Re-IGNITE your Spark
  • Model infectious ENERGY
  • Clarify Your Core Values
  • Feel more fulfilled at work
  • Align with your organization
  • Jump start the year with Passion
Rock Star Service

Learn how to lead your team to create the "Stardom" factor, with every guest every time! 73% of the reason people do business with you again is how they were treated, so do something about it. Deepen your relationship with your most profitable guest, the repeat. Attending this session will assure your teams ability to deliver ROCK STAR SERVICE!

  • Convert customers to Guest Fanatics
  • Servers WOW list revealed
  • Discover ALL - IN Service
  • Pre-Shift Profitable Communication Calendar
Growing Your Business

Discover and focus on ideas and tools to help you grow your business.

  • Discover 3 ways to increase sales
  • Share 18 ways to grow your business
  • Create the triple win
  • Develop an action plan
Integrity is a Choice

Integrity means many things to each of us. In our lives it is a vital component to our success. We all need to demonstrate integrity alignment to consistently lead our business with less stress.

  • Define what integrity really means
  • Assessing the strengths of your integrity
  • Distinguishing qualities of integrity
  • Integrity is our conscious choice
  • Take responsible action spontaneously
  • Put integrity into practice
Team Building

A dynamic program that’s a must attend for everyone in a restaurant leadership role.

Creating Your Success

  • Defining Your Business
  • Getting the most from your team
  • Benefits of an engaged work group
  • Developing positive attitudes
  • Forecasting future needs

Attracting the Best Team Members

  • Interviewing & Selection Skills
  • Questions we can ask?
  • Skill Practice session
Leading Generation “Y”

A highly interactive session that will unlock the leadership secrets for you and your business!

  • Discover what this group is looking for
  • Learn how to get your message through
  • Find the best ways to Motivate the Millennials
  • Getting the front line passionate about your bottom line
  • Adapt your style to connect with this generation
Recognition that ROCKS!

Letting your team know how valuable they are to your success!

Discover and Learn

  • Effects of consistent Recognition
  • Guest Awareness of Performers
  • Happy, Motivated, Guest Centric Teams
  • Meaningful, total Team can Win
  • Celebrate the Action NOW
  • Low Cost High Return Strategies
Creativity Counts
Celebrate Success
Brand Matters, Build Yours

A great brand will over deliver on the promise with every guest experience. To succeed today service, atmosphere and food, are an expectation! It is your Brand that matters most! Start building yours today and watch your business grow!

  • Simplify Your Operations
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Understand the Process
  • Clarify Target Market
  • Establish Consistency
  • Define Your Brand
  • What's Your Story?
Creating Word of Mouth Advertising
Restaurant Marketing that WORKS!

Discover how to implement a marketing plan that is both cost effective and easy in growing your sales. Attending this seminar will make you aware of what it takes to add profitability with affordable marketing to your business.

  • Growing your customer base
  • Planning a Restaurant Event
  • Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant
  • Designing a digital campaign
Being the Best

Being the BEST! is not an optional behavior. To be successful you and your business have to be known for something that gets talked about.


  • Create your Differentiation Plan
  • Show off your Culinary Strength
  • Re-think your Current Strategies
  • Move from Marginal to Marvelous
  • Market has Changed, Move with It

Determine your strengths, and Be the BEST!



"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you will keep on getting what you've always got."



Every time an employee interfaces with a guest there is an opportunity to make that guest want to come back.

A trained staff can make that happen on a regular basis.


Make sure you have a customer service training program for new hires.

Your competition does!


Companies We've worked with

• California Restaurant Assn.
• Iowa DNR
• Honey Creek Resort
• Central Group
• Food Service News
• Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association
• Arkansas Parks and Recreation
• Sysco MN
• Apperts Foodservice
• Variety Foods
• US Foodservice
• Food Service America
• Ohio Assisted Living Association
• Kingston Health Care
• Dunn Brothers
• National Speakers Association
• Minnesota Restaurant Association
• Twin Cities Original Restaurants
• Restaurant Masterminds
• Minnesota School Nutrition Association
• American Culinary Fedaration

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